Credits, shoutouts, and other shtuff

... I was not exactly sure how else to do this... but I felt that it would be unfair not to mention the people who support me, inspire me, and poke me when I'm not updating like I'm supposed to. Because I am a busy, but quite lazy little bum. Heh.
Two people, whom are both very dear to me (damn it I'm getting sappy. DAMN IT. XD ), have been the ones kicking my ass the most when I don't update. They've both done 'Guest comic week' for me, and have tried their best to keep me going. Teh Knucks and Teh Carin are two of my best friends (you know, considering these are largley internet-based relationships this sounds REALLY nerdy. But I don't care...) who are always ready to help me when I need it, whether it's with an RP to... how do you say it, 'get the creative juices flowing', or with some encouragment. Or Guest comic week. God, Guest comic week is making up for my lack of spare time/inspiration. I hate school. DAMN YOU SCHOOL THAT I HAVE TO PAY FOR! Rar... but anyway, yeah. I luff them very much.
Oh, and in case you didn't know, Freizer and Silver actually belong to Knucks and Carin, respectively. >.> What do you mean you didn't know that? You should! I've mentioned it! Heh.
Another person who has helped me immensly is Teh Alexa. She is awesome with teh coding-ness, and helps me even though half the time I'm just winging it. :3 She is teh good friend of mine. :3 Much luff for her!

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