The BP series

Well, obviously, Pandora is the main character of the comic. She's loosely based on Angie from Angie's Angle, but don't get them confused. Pan is a mental-powered vampire, who uses her 'mental fire' to help keep the city she lives in safe. She is registered with the government as a hero, and gets a (small) paycheck for her services. Any other money she makes is through commissions for her artwork, or other means. Generally a good 'person', Pan has always battled with her darkness, her internal darkness. She has always been able to supress it, but as of late, the line between the light and the shadows has become continually more obscure...
Pan usually works with a certain hero named Freizer. Whether she has feelings for him is up in the air (however, everything seems to point in that direction. Heh.)

Freizer, our favorite icy hero, is Pandora's best friend. After her guardian had to leave her, he insisted that Pan move in with him, so that he could take care of her. A strong willed guy and a good friend, Freizer has always been a leading hero in the city, and after befriending Pan (who was the leader of a crime ring called La Oscuridad), he has always had her tag along.
Freizer isn't the kind of guy who really talks in detail about what he's feeling. Whether he has feelings for Pan is also up in the air. (C'mon, people, everything points to it, too. By the way, Freizer is not really my character... he belongs to meh buddy Knucks. I luff teh Knucks! X3! )

Amayah is the former guardian for Pan. She was assigned by the Elder vampires, to try to mold Pandora to become another addition to the vampire cause. Obviously, she didn't really do any 'molding'. Either way, after she became human again, she had to leave... and entrusted Freizer with looking after Pan. Often sarcastic, Ama wasn't the easiest to be around... but she was a loyal friend. She swings by time to time to visit Pan and Freizer.

Jack and Enya
Jack is, obviously, a cyborg thing. Before having his hard drive wiped by a virus, he had been Pan's unofficial boyfriend... but after the wipe, there was really no way to recreate the artificial intelligence he'd had before. After being restored by Enya, he may have some AI back... but, as he is an older model running on new software, will this affect his performance?
Enya is Pan's new computer. A laptop model, she is smaller and more equipped to go out with Pan on her adventures, although she generally stays at the apartment and keeps the place clean.

AKA Chibi Pan. Don't know much about her, obviously....

Claudette and La Oscuridad
Claudette is Pan's friend from her past. After Pandora was thrown in jail, Clau was crowned the new leader of La Oscuridad. Though a strong-willed girl, she is still younger than Pandora and less experienced in the ways of the thief. She calls on Pandora for advice and guidance from time to time. In this time of trial, when someone is tearing the gang apart, she asks for asistance, which turns into the more physical kind than just emotional.

SIlver, one of the Boss' minions, is bent on carrying out her mistress' wishes - which, in this case, means bringing in Pandora as a part of the team. With her electric-like powers, which, when needed, bring more pleasure than pain, and her ability to use that to mentally numb her opponents, Silver is a vital component to the Boss' plan - whatever it happens to be.

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