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I've done some serious, hard thinking on this, and I have come to the conclusion that I'm scrapping this comic. I hear your dismayed gasps and I think I saw one guy faint in the back (might've been my brother), but hear me out. When I started this comic waaaaaay back when, I had just finished the original BP comic. That was way back in high school. So I was in that mindset. This comic was meant to be a continuation, what happens next, etc.
But the truth is, I've grown alot since then, both art-wise and personality-wise. Pan herself has grown and developed as a character, and I've been fighting myself on how to write this comic for... what, almost two years now? As I've grown and changed, so have my desires and ideas for where I wanted this story to go, and I've come to a point that... to tell you the truth, I am not sure where this story was supposed to go anymore. I mean, I know the ultimate outcome that I had wanted, but even that's changed a bit since I first started on all this.
I suppose this isn't a bad thing. Sometimes there are ideas that we want so desperately to work but they just don't, and I think this story line was one of them. What else is there to do but set it aside and try again? There are things I've wanted to do but didn't know how to fit it in, there are aspects of Pan's past and her personality that I've wanted so much to express in the comic but didn't think that it'd match the overall tone. And by starting out fresh... well, maybe this time I'll get it right.
For those of you that have read this comic, have enjoyed what little I have put up for you to view, and have offered me your support and advice, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As it is, I would not have even made it to this point if it weren't for people like ya'll who have taken the good with the bad and pushed me to continue getting better at this. I'm sorry to just kill the story abruptly like this, but I had to do it, for my own sanity as well as yours.
I'm leaving my links page up, and my gallery up (though I haven't added new pieces in ages). Don't worry. This isn't necessarily the end; It is the beginning of a new story, a new stage in my own life and hopefully a step in the right direction for Pan's life as well.
Thanks for reading, ya'll. You'll be seeing more from me soon.


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Um... yeah, the tagboard is gone for now. The site doesn't seem to be working. Or maybe it's just me. Eh. Either way the tagboard is down until further notice. Sorry, ya'll.


01/12/07 - Yeah it's been a while. School happened, you know? And life too. I've done some minor updates, by adding things to the gallery, but I don't think I'll be drawing new comics until I clean my room and set up the art desk I bought, so hopefully soon I will be motivated to do those things, haha.

10/16/06 - Removed the tagboard temporarily (I hope). As for updates and stuff, I am trying my hardest to keep up with it. School is dumb. But I'm learning to cope with it, ya'll. Really I am. I promise I will do my best to update on time every week. :3

09/17/06 - Hahaha, I've been busy with school. Sorry for the sporadic updates. There WILL be a comic up tomorrow, and the next Monday, and probably the next Monday too. Oh yeah and I added one pic to the gallery section. I should start putting things in the fanart section. I'm lazy. :p

07/14/06 - Added a few new pics to the gallery section. I know there hasn't been a new comic in like, weeks, but it's been a hectic first-half of the summer. I'm working on it. :3

06/15/06 - Just trying to get the basic layout down. :3 Be patient.

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